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Plate thickness automatic control system and solution

The V35 platform-based automatic thickness control (AGC) system has an advanced system architecture platform, equipped with excellent field equipment, and contains many years of experience in the process of precipitating, providing tailor-made automatic control solutions for rolling mill equipment.

X-ray thickness and convexity measurement system

The developed X-ray thickness measurement system can be used for steel strips with aluminum strips, foil strips, foils and various other metal and non-metal materials.
The developed X-ray thickness crown measurement system can be used for hot strip mills, hot strip mills, hot strip mills, hot strip mills.

Segmented cooling system

Based on a large amount of design experience, the Roller Stage Cooling System developed by Aussie Aircraft provides precise zoned cooling control for the actual working conditions of the rolling mill to solve the problem of asymmetric hot deformation of the roll caused by uneven roll temperature. The shape of the product is guaranteed

Strip foil off-line shape measuring instrument

The surface of the strip foil to which the average uniform tension was applied was scanned by a planar reciprocating scanning mechanism carrying a dedicated probe, and the plate shape value of the strip foil was measured. The relevant information can be used as a quantitative indicator for evaluating the shape quality of the product, and can also be used to guide the rolling production process and improve the quality of the strip and foil shape of the subsequent rolling.

AC control cabinet

AC control cabinet layout

AC drive cabinet

AC drive cabinet layout
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