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Luoyang Heyuan Control System Co., Ltd.

First, the company's basic situation

(1) Luoyang Heyuan Control System Co., Ltd. was established in March 2005 and obtained high-tech enterprise qualification in 2005.

In December 2014, our company was awarded the title of “Technology Enterprise” by Henan Science and Technology Bureau;

In March 2017, the “Luoyang and Yuan Rolling Mill Automation Control Technology R&D Center” was established and was recognized as the 2017 Enterprise R&D Center by Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau.

Company ProfileCompany Profile

(2) Mainly engaged in computer software development and system integration application of technical services, machinery, electrical design, production and sales.

(3) Company's research and development capabilities and conditions

The company is currently composed of a number of middle and senior engineers and a group of energetic young designers, with strong research and development capabilities.

Second, the company's major mechanical equipment products

Specializing in the development, production, installation, commissioning and technical services of X-ray on-line inspection thickness gauge, multi-point detection convexity gauge, rolling mill precision injection beam, and owns first-class scientific research, production and office base, the products are strictly in accordance with national standards and International Standards Organization production.

The company's products cover cold and hot-rolled aluminum sheets, steel sheets, aluminum foil, copper sheets, nickel sheets and other alloy materials.