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Service philosophy

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With the increasing demand for metal products in modern society, the market for metal strips and foils will continue to grow in the coming years. This trend requires customers to improve product quality, stabilize production, reduce production costs, maximize equipment advantages, flexibly adapt to market needs, adopt modern management methods, and ensure products are competitive in the market.

Your success is our success and it is our pursuit.

Equipment replacement, upgrade

The equipment is aging or exits the market, and spare parts cannot be obtained; the equipment is in service and the working condition is poor.

Develop and introduce new processes

Equipment and control systems cannot meet the needs of new processes.

Improve product competitiveness

The product quality is unstable, the plate shape thickness is low, the production efficiency is low, and the production cost is high.

Integrate into modern management concepts

It is impossible to generate system-related information about products and personnel; it lacks an interface with management systems such as MES.

Our customization

The professional experience of many project practices tells us that efficient and reasonable customization process can not only rely on equipment and parameter questionnaires, but should fully penetrate the site and master the actual working conditions; analyze the characteristics of each rolling mill; listen to the specific needs of each customer. Combine product process characteristics to create a tailor-made solution for the customer, rather than copying it all the way.

Site investigation

According to the on-site equipment provided by the customer, the preliminary design; on-site field verification of the mechanical equipment, surveying and mapping, electrical equipment for status review; clear the relevant system interface.

Demand analysis

Analyze the production process requirements for the equipment; fully communicate the operator's production habits; analyze the engineer's requirements for the system in detail.

Personalized customization

Fully consider the performance of the equipment itself; conform to the characteristics of the production process; maximize the adaptation to the original reasonable operating habits; choose the equipment installation method according to local conditions.

Field implementation

The field engineer with professional experience assists the customer in the installation of the equipment; commissions the customer's system; optimizes the equipment and system in combination with the customer's products and processes; and meets the final batch production requirements.