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Electric drive control system

What is the industry of industrial automation and industrial automation
To address automation and control issues, the industry uses ever-changing technologies in control systems to achieve efficient production or manufacturing processes. These require high quality and reliable control systems. New trends in industrial automation involve the latest control equipment and communication protocols to control field devices such as control valves and other final control components. Some smart devices or instruments used in the automation industry can control process and communication functions without the need to interface with other field-level control devices such as PLCs
Industrial automation is divided into so many categories
Industrial automation, literally, is easy to understand. It is the use of automatic control and automatic adjustment devices in industrial production to replace the tendency of manual manipulation of machines and machine systems for processing and production. Simply put, you can do some repetitive work through the machine.
Today, with the manufacturing boom and industrial automation booming, market changes and technological changes have always affec
Due to the relatively small production volume and the wide variety of applications, industrial automation often uses new technologies developed in other markets. Automation companies tend to customize products for specific applications and needs. Therefore, innovation comes from targeted applications, not any popular new technologies
The development trend of industrial automation
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2019-01-17 15:10
Today, with the manufacturing boom and industrial automation booming, market changes and technological changes have always affected the direction of industrial automation. Relying on the user's use needs and usage habits, the practical application has undoubtedly become the mainstream choice of many industrial automation suppliers
Overview, Development Status and Development Trend of China's Industrial Automation Control Industry from 2018 to 2025
The development of industrial automation in China can be roughly divided into three stages. The first is the end of the 50s and the 70s of the last century. This period can be said to be the initial stage of industrial automation in China. At that time, China had just completed the "three major reforms" and implemented the first "five-year plan", but it is still in the primary stage of socialist exploration. The development of industry is still dominated by manpower, and the industrialization road is developing slowly, but some stand-alone Automated processing equipment began to appear, and China's industrial automation sprouted
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