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Plate shape automatic control system and solution
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Plate shape automatic control system and solution

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Plate shape automatic control system and solution - based on VLA system architecture


Plate shape automatic control system and solution - based on VLA system architecture


The excellent plate shape automatic control (AFC) system, as an integral part of modern cold rolling mills, not only improves product quality, but also increases mill productivity.

The plate-shaped automatic control solution tailored for the rolling mill, through precise and stable control, combined with rich online shape control experience, can maximize the profit of production.




30 System composition

AFC central control unit

The high-precision shape-shaped automatic control system center based on the VLA control system platform is the basis for realizing online shape control and related interlocking process control.

Operator workstation

The operator interaction interface based on the VLA control system platform is responsible for the monitoring and command interaction of the operation of the plate-shaped roller portion, the wrap angle roller portion, the automatic shape control, the bending roller portion, the segment cooling system and the like.

Engineer workstation

Engineer interaction interface based on VLA control system platform. Responsible for adjusting and optimizing the parameters related to the shape control process and control effects, diagnosing system failures, generating production reports, and creating interfaces with the MES system.

Online shape inspection system

Air bearing shape meter: real-time online signal acquisition

High-speed remote 1O module based on EtherCAT;

“Air bearing structure, good signal sensitivity and high resolution;

Rotating the "fog" of the roller ring will not cause defects such as scratches on the surface of the strip;

A combination of different wrap angles, suitable for the shape detection of a variety of thick and variable strips;

The internal negative pressure environment achieves high pollution resistance;

Angular forming auxiliary device: generating a wrap angle suitable for the shape measurement;

A variety of wrap forming options are available;

The wrap forming action is automatically interlocked with the plate roller action;

Shape control execution system

Tilt control: Improve the shape of the unilateral wave;

Performing tilt adjustment in conjunction with the rolling mill AGC;

Bending roller control: improving the shape symmetry defect (two ribs, medium pine);

Pressure Sensor:

Accuracy <= +/- 0.5% full scale; servo valve;

The hysteresis does not exceed 0.2%, [0-100%] response time is less than 10ms;

Temperature change 40'C requires a point offset of no more than 1%;

Roll section cooling system: improving plate shape high-order waves;

Fully controlled rolling lubrication;

Accurate segmented cooling control, corrected for hot deformation of the roll;


105230 Related Products

Air bearing shape meter

The stable performance of the signal acquisition equipment is the basis for the system to play a good control performance. The air bearing type shape meter system as a collection component has a stable signal and excellent precision, and has a pivotal position in the automatic shape control system.


It consists of a plate-shaped roller and an air station.




30 Technical Parameters

Thickness range

Cold rolling blanking pass - foil rolling

Speed range


Width range

Not more than 2500mm

Product alloy

Aluminum: 1 Series-5 Series, 8 Series

Roller ring width



259630 Roll section cooling system

The roll section cooling control system is simple and convenient to install and maintain, the injection position is designed reasonably, the flow control is stable and accurate, and it meets the needs of the art, which provides guarantee for the production of products with reliable and high quality plate shape.






30 Technical Parameters

Minimum pitch between nozzles


Coolant working pressure

0.5- 10bar

Coolant quality requirements


4barValve flow at pressure

0.74- 159I/min

Solenoid valve power consumption

Maintain 24VDC (0.5A) 12W

Start 48VDC (1A) 48W

Maximum working temperature


Response time(From electrical signals to forming flow)






30 The main function

Automatic shape control

Roller tilt control;

Bending roller force control segment cooling flow distribution control;

VC roller control [requires user rolling mill mechanical system support];

Automatic process control

Automatically forming the wrap angle control plate-shaped roller automatic input flow control plate-shaped roller calibration process control plate shape automatic control mill related interlock control.

The plate-shaped process specification sets the volume, the group information to set the production information, and the volume shape report to generate the alarm log.


30 Advantage characteristics

Fast and accurate

The control cycle can be up to 5ms, and the control can be adjusted 10 times per meter at a rolling speed of 1200m/min;

The highest precision of the linear shape can reach +/-10, up to 95% under stable rolling conditions;

Simple and stable

Graphically display the current shape data and trends, through the operation interface, you can know the current product status and trend in real time; the automatic protection mechanism of the plate-shaped roller and the corner roller, the broken belt-interlocking mechanism, and the safety of the equipment.

Spirit, all

Support a variety of wrap angle forming methods: multi-position of angle roller, multi-position of plate-shaped roller, sub-guide roller instead of wrapping roller to form wrap angle, single/multi-level/stepless wrap angle adjustment; 4 kinds of control means organic group _, select Best matching solution; plate roll calibration report, detailed recording of calibration results and graphical reports.

The shape of the shape curve is rich, which meets the needs of different levels of personnel; it is summarized according to the volume number.

Provides lateral and longitudinal plate shape distribution throughout the rolling process.