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Plate thickness automatic control system and solution

X-ray thickness and convexity measurement system

Segmented cooling system

Strip foil off-line shape measuring instrument

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Plate thickness automatic control system and solution

The V35 platform-based automatic thickness control (AGC) system has an advanced system architecture platform, equipped with excellent field equipment, and contains many years of experience in the process of precipitating, providing tailor-made automatic control solutions for rolling mill equipment.

Plate thickness automatic control system and solution


Plate thickness automatic control system and solution



The V35 platform-based automatic thickness control (AGC) system has an advanced system architecture platform, equipped with excellent field equipment, and contains many years of experience in the process of precipitating, providing tailor-made automatic control solutions for rolling mill equipment.


System composition


30 System composition

AGC Central Control Unit

The high-precision roll gap control and thickness automatic control system center based on the VLA control system platform is the basis for the realization of the whole system function.


Operator workstation

Based on the operator interaction interface of the VL A control system platform, it is responsible for monitoring and command interaction of rolling mill frame calibration and production preparation, roll gap and load control, automatic thickness control and other operations.


Engineer Workstation

The engineer interaction interface based on the VLA control system platform is responsible for regulating and optimizing the parameters related to the rolling mill frame action and thickness automatic control effect, diagnosing system failures, generating production reports, and creating interfaces with the MES system.


Main cylinder valve station control station

Position Acquisition Component: Position Detection Unit

The highest resolution is up to 0.1um;

Pressure Acquisition Components: Heavy Duty Pressure Sensors

Accuracy <=+/-0.5% full scale;

Effectively prevent the occurrence of pressure shock, cavitation, and water hammer;

Cylinder Actuator: Electromagnetic Servo Valve

The hysteresis does not exceed 0 2%, [0-100%] response time is less than 10ms;

Temperature change 40 & deg; C zero offset does not exceed 1%;

Internal integrated position feedback and position sensor for precise control;

Spool valve, direct-acting structure, with steel sleeve;

Four-position four-way, with power-down safety position;


Related Products30 Related Products

Position detection unit

The position detecting unit adopts the gas spring type structure design, which is simple and exquisite, easy to maintain, and avoids the following performance degradation caused by the aging of the mechanical spring; the internal micro-positive pressure environment prevents the infiltration of oil and gas, and improves the anti-pollution ability.


Technical parameters

The highest resolution is up to 0.1um;

Absolute accuracy up to 5+5L/1000um, L=effective length (mm); working pressure: 1.0-2.0bar stable air pressure;


Thickness Gauge

Many times cooperate with international well-known manufacturers to deeply understand the performance of its equipment. We can select the most suitable online thickness measurement equipment for customers according to customer's product requirements. We can also integrate AGC system and measuring instrument according to customer requirements to form an integrated solution. Program.


30 Typical scope

Widely used in all kinds of hot rolled strips, cold rolled strips and foils.

Speed range: can be applied to height mills (speed).

Product alloy: steel, aluminum, copper and other metal alloys.


30 The main function

Main cylinder inner ring control

Master cylinder position control;

Main cylinder load control;


Thickness control mode

Mass flow mode;

Feedforward mode;

Feedback mode;


Thickness control adjustment means

Roll gap adjustment;

Load adjustment;

Speed adjustment;

Tension adjustment;

Multiple means joint adjustment;


Compensation control

Eccentricity compensation;

Rolling mill stiffness compensation;

Thickness gauge measures lag compensation;

Head and tail material, speed, tension variation compensation;


Automatic process control

Rolling mill unloading protection;

Mill calibration is pressed;

Eccentricity determination;

Rolling mill stiffness determination;

Hot roll preparation;

Rolling speed optimization;


Process Setup

With volume, team information settings;

Production Information, Volume Thickness Quality Report;

Generate an alert log.


30 Advantage characteristics

Fast response, precise and stable control

The system's fast mode can complete the automatic pressing process of the rolling mill within 5 minutes and obtain the reliable roll seam zero position;

The position control accuracy of the main cylinder of the rolling mill can reach +/-1um, and the load control accuracy can reach +/-1.0T (slightly different according to the mill stiffness);

The roll gap control method including eccentricity compensation and stiffness compensation function further improves the control precision, enabling the user to obtain the target thickness product even in the absence of the thickness feedback device, and the thickness difference range is controlled within +/- 5%.


High efficiency, high quality, high yield

The head and tail compensation algorithm and the speed and tension compensation algorithm can effectively reduce the head and tail materials and increase the yield by 5% (slightly different according to different products);

For high-speed rolling mills with a rolling speed of more than 1200m/min, when the product thickness is 6um (stack rolling), the thickness difference is over 97% within +/- 1.5%, and the thickness difference is within +/-1% at 95%. Above;

The thickness automatic control link adopts the predictive model algorithm to add the lag compensation function, as well as the strip head and tail compensation algorithm, which effectively reduces the head and tail material parts and ensures the product yield.


Strong adaptability to the field, low maintenance and low cost

The maximum allowable pollution level of the selected electromagnetic servo valve is [ISO440618/16/13], which reduces the demanding requirements for on-site hydraulic oil products and means stronger anti-pollution performance;

When the servo valve is stuck, remove the valve plug and clean it;

The micro-positive pressure environment of the position detection unit improves the anti-pollution ability;

The temperature regulating equipment, dustproof structure and UPS power supply in the control cabinet ensure that the working environment of the control central system is not affected by the external environment, and the requirements for the user's on-site working conditions are reduced.


Easy to operate, comprehensive information

Online real-time thickness display and thickness difference statistics display provide users with intuitive product quality information;

The status of the rolling mill is conspicuous, and the function of the command is clearly divided, which increases the amount of information obtained by the user during the production process;

Provide comprehensive alarm information:

Position detection unit state cylinder control state roller system control state thickness automatic control state auxiliary device and external system state;

Detailed parameter configuration:

Roll gap, load, tilt adjustment step pressure, etc. Automatic flow control parameter thickness automatic control input condition AGC different mode control parameter compensation algorithm control parameters;


Streamline production preparation time

A variety of automatic process control saves the user's preparation time before formal production, such as rolling mill pressing, hot rollers, etc., and avoids the influence of human factors on product quality;

Users can enter all the production processes in the non-production stage into the system. In the actual production, only the stored process can be loaded and loaded, which simplifies the operation steps in the production process;


People, product tracking management

Products can be tracked and managed by personnel, team or tape information, and products and personnel can be tracked and managed based on this;

Provides an interface to the MES system to facilitate the collection of first-hand data at the production site.

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